The ERASURE of Wombmyn:

Transfeminine Activism is oft Rife with Misogyny

UPDATE: This blog was updated 8/9/20202 12:01 AM EST to include “Front Hole” / “Back Hole” debacle.

For centuries the toxic end of the masculine has been attempting to control & contort women’s beautiful design of childbearing – Calling it a burden, a curse, etc… until the fabrication was created that “Men can give birth,”
Wombmyn, I Hope you are AWAKE. Remember when Caucasoids had the ability to tell the story of Egypt? How they ERASED Negroids? Now people are saying that Men “Get Pregnant” and “Have periods” and these are just “Small things.” The female symbol is LITERALLY a Uterus (with two Fallopian tubes). The male symbol is the penis sticking out in an arrow. When we erase the female symbol and the importance of the uterus to continuation of life, we attempt to erase the sacred space Keepers of the Womb hold in evolution, procreation and the propagation of human civilization. Wombs Matter. Wombmyn Matter.
Though every womb cannot bring life, Every human life comes through a Womb.

Always Removes Female Symbol
(Uterus & fallopian tubes from packaging)

Re-Writing of Our Stories

Remember when white males had the opportunity to “translate” the bible, they erased Lilith, and have everyone believing Wombmyn came from MAN’s body? As we pray to “the father” and depicted “his” “son” Jesus as European. Relegating wombmyn’s stories in terms of conditions of male’s determination of worth.
Now, the Erasure of Wombmyn, and the very essence and nature of the WOMB is attempting to be distorted. Claiming MEN get Periods & Give Birth. Erasing the symbol of the womb from sanitary napkins. Erasing images of pregnant women’s bodies from obstetric textbooks.
Claiming an XY Person with a Penis who RAPES XX Wombmyn is a WOMAN RAPING WITH “HER PENIS”?? Claiming “cisgenders rape people as well” Forgetting Penis is the common tool for said rapes.
Wombmyn losing safe spaces of not having to be in contact with XY persons. As an already oppressed group, we are being further oppressed by the misogyny of XY Persons…
Now those claiming to BE US, and forcing their way into our spaces.
The arrogance & privilege of males… Whether they identify as men or not… Its the same entitled theme.

 Transgender MMA Fighter Fractures Black Wombmyn’s Cranium

33 year old transgender spent 31 years on natural testosterone, and 2 years “transitioned” and hid transgender background before cracking the skull of female opponent.

Here is the list of the issues I have:

  1. Athletic scholarships taken away from XX girls and given to XY persons.
  2. Black girls rock come under fire for not having XY persons receive awards, or XY persons on the panel.
  3. RAPE CRISIS SHELTER for Women lose govt funding because XY persons weren’t allowed to stay there. (Canada)
  4. An XY Man who claimed to be trans allowed into a women’s prison where he Violently RAPED 7 XX female inmates. (UK)
  5. Girl Scouts brought under fire for not allowing young XY persons with penises into the girl scouts.
  6. Always maxi-pads remove the female symbol (of the uterus) from their packaging.
  7. An XY Person who “transitioned” at 33 yrs old, enters an MMA fight without telling anyone about the 33 years of testosterone, larger bone density & male twitch muscle fiber go in the ring and crack the cranium of the XX black woman, & send her out in a stretcher.
  8. Hospitals now saying “Pregnant Person” instead of pregnant woman and “Chest Feeding” instead of breastfeeding.
  9. Absence of the pregnant female body in obstetric textbooks like Williams Obstetrics (either photographic or other visual imagery of the pregnant female form).
I want everyone to exist. Transpersons have a right to exist, and live safely and free of harm.

Credit: Daily Mail UK

I want trans to

  • Demand a standard of evaluation so XY persons are not able to abuse the trans-label to force their way into wombmyn’s spaces to make it unsafe for them
  • Respect the evolutionarily ingrained differences of size/ strength / skeletal / muscle / brain / hormones between XY & XX and call out trans who use those advantages to compete against / harm or intimidate those who evolutionarily have a disadvantage
  • Respect that there are times when XX person’s want safe spaces free of  XY persons or people who align with or identify as XY.
  • Understand that socialization matters and though a transwoman may make changes externally and/or hormonally, many misogynistic behaviors may still be present and still needs to be assessed and checked within each person, and the ongoing checking must continue to dismantle toxic masculinity you may not be aware exists.

There’s more, but this is a good starting point.

The erasure of Wombmyn & our safe spaces present-day is an ongoing historical theme. And in efforts to advocate for transwomen, we’ve got to check ourselves to see if we are aiding in the further subjugation of xx wombmyn at the hands of those who are XY

Credit: National Post


Menstruation Group: No “Women” Allowed

Source: Put a Cup In It Community Credit: Dazy


Here is the TOS from menstruation group forbidding words like “woman, guys, ladies” (Thanks to my subscriber Dazy* for bringing this to my attention)

*Name changed for anonymity.


Use “Front Hole” / “Back Hole”:

Healthline created a safe sex guide for LGBTQPIA persons, using “front hole” to be more inclusive.

(Thank you to Knockout Vinessa for making us aware of this)

Source Healthline

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Jerry vick Jr
Jerry vick Jr
3 years ago

As usual I just adore and respect your bold and fact driven point of view. It’s important to have solid points of view even if they differ from your own. I think it’s how we make our own educated decisions on topics like this super important trans issue. I don’t think the issues that were discussed in this blog will be settled any time soon but it’s a starting point. Wether you agree or disagree. After watching all of your trans videos starting with the one in front of the tye restaurant you have made me realize xx needs a… Read more »

3 years ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly Tonya. Wombmyn make sure your not erasing yourself trying to help others out. Who will help you? Nobody. We have been fighting for ever other group but our own.

Last edited 3 years ago by Donna
Keetah Aisha Hu
Keetah Aisha Hu
3 years ago

Their population need their own. They are different. Changing of certain terms so they are included. If people want to address them as such so be it. If not i can not be forced to use terms that i am not comfortable with to make another happy. The boxer situation is definitely wrong. With men boxers there is some form of regulations to decide how men can box other men (height, weight might also include age). The black female boxer was in the ring with a male but had the appearance of a female. Wrong because of her strength. The… Read more »

Tanya Walker
3 years ago

It seems that they want to normalize this and reduce wombman to zero class citizens even though we are the WOMB KEEPER OF LIFE, call me an Conspiracy theorist if you like, I believe the elites are pushing this along with trying to normalize and legalize child porn, child rape and child sex trade

3 years ago

It seems everyone is so concerned with being politically correct that were are losing common sense. Though I disagree with the trans-experience from a Christian standpoint; believing that God does not make mistakes or place people in the wrong bodies, I appreciate who people are, and love them where they are. I will consider you a woman, if you were born as a human female and a man, if you are an adult and were born as a human male. If someone would rather be called Justina instead of Justin, that’s fina, but it doesn’t erase the essence of who… Read more »

3 years ago

I agree completely.

3 years ago

I think it’s more about erasing Black women than non-Black women. There has always been this false anti-black narrative that Black women are mannish, we fight, we don’t cook healthy, we gold diggers, we don’t take care of our children, we spend money incessantly and therefore, we have no value and some how these transwomen have taken on this incel like fervor to denigrate women that are born as women. Transmen has been silent, as well as, most of the LGBTQ community on this matter.

3 years ago

Great article ! I agree with you. I cannot take the force feeding that the LGBTQIA community does . People have a right to have an opinion , it does not mean that they hate them . We have to be very careful about creating spaces for trans women because before you know it , wombmyn will be erased . And this “ front hole “ thing is highly ridiculous and funny to say the least ! It’s either you have a vagina or you don’t .

3 years ago

Hey Tonya Of course I had To come drop my comment after watching the show and I hate to admit I have seen what I am assuming were real born women who look like this 😭🥴😂But on a serious note it is very sad that a MAN can just say I feel like im a woman And we’re supposed to sit back & say ok welcome to the other side. And I say No, This needs to stop my woman parts matter,what I go through as a women matters and NO TRANS anything will try to believe they dont

Robert Ransom
Robert Ransom
3 years ago

Woman is Not man & man is not woman

3 years ago

Eye love you for this Tonya! All was right on point. You literally have covered just about every issue there was to cover. Sure many missed your “editing of the bible” and taking blacks from kemet/egypt part! Lol but with research, time, and patients, All will be made to truly inner and overstand just how important the black wombman is to all of Hue manity and just why they have done their best to try and erase us through all of these forced private agenda’s! Thanks for being awake Sistar! Keep up the Godwork Divine Goddess! Much Peace, love, protection,… Read more »

3 years ago

This article literally kept me up last night. The line “discrimination of women in the name of inclusion” resonated with me. The extreme trans movement has such a tendency to be sexist. Using the term “front hole” is absolutely degrading, kin to calling the vagina a “gash” or “meat curtains”. You cannot gouge a hole in your arm and call it a vagina. A vagina is a vagina, and not a dirty word!  Breasts are breasts! The whole function being to breast feed!  Using the term chest feeding is further pushing women into the past where we are seen as… Read more »

2 years ago

I just can’t any more, I feel to jus5 keep my children home to keep their eyes from this, and the questions that come with it. I mean how do you even attempt to explain to a child 11 year old boy or 7 year old girl how corrupt the world has become. It’s so not ok.

Great article Tonya thank you. even more reason to be woke…….. what will 2040 be like oh Lord……

4 months ago

The male/female symbols ♂/♀ have nothing to do with penis/uterus or any reproductive organs at all.

The male symbol symbolizes the shield and spear of Mars, the god of war.
The female symbol ♀ symbolizes the mirror of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

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