1. When Will My Book Ship?
    Please give two weeks for each order to be shipped.  As I am autographing each one with a personal message and shipping it myself
  2. When will the Vitamin E be on Sale
    Soon. Issues with Amazon and book inventory has slightly delayed Vit E sales this spring (2021)
  3. Will You REACT to this video?
    Is the story viral? Or is it a troll trying to get views through our pain? I do not promote trolls (people who are purposefully divisive for clicks. I don’t give them my clicks and you don’t have to either). Is the story about self-love in relationship? Please describe what is on the link when you send it.
  4. Will you coach/counsel me?
    2021 I am shifting away from 1-on-1 coaching to group coaching. Where therapy helps you unpack the past, coaching helps you take actionable steps for the future. Group coaching is $1k per month for 3 month commitment
  5. How do I enroll in your matchmaking service
    Enrollment is temporarily closed, when it opens again, I will send a message to the mailing lis

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