1.  How do I Cancel / Update Payment #TkoTextSquad Subscription?


    (Please note that merely texting “STOP” will only stop the text but not end the payment. You MUST cancel via the link above)

  2. When Will My Book Ship?
    Please give two weeks for each order to be shipped.  As I am autographing each one with a personal message and shipping it myself
  3. When will the Vitamin E be on Sale
    Vitamin E is only sold once a year in the Spring.  It is announced privately to the text squad first, then mailing list, then the public (if there are any left)
  4. Will You REACT to this video?
    Is the story viral? Or is it a troll trying to get views through our pain? I do not promote trolls (people who are purposefully divisive for clicks. I don’t give them my clicks and you don’t have to either). Is the story about self-love in relationship? Please describe what is on the link when you send it.
  5. Will you coach/counsel me?
    2021 I am shifting away from 1-on-1 coaching to group coaching. Where therapy helps you unpack the past, coaching helps you take actionable steps for the future. Group coaching is $1k per month for 3 month commitment
  6. How do I enroll in your matchmaking service
    Enrollment is temporarily closed, when it opens again, I will send a message to the mailing list
  7. When will the makeup pack go back on sale
    The makeup pack was limited edition and only available this past Christmas (2021) I might do something for 2022, but I’m not sure yet.

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