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Highest Quality Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals harm cells, tissues, and organs and results in premature aging & wrinkles. Vitamin E is vital in the anti-aging of skin & protecting skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, drugs, and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals. One of the most important benefits of Vitamin E is its said role in the prevention of skin cancer. Please be aware that the clear version of Vitamin E is synthetic man-made in a laboratory. Natural Vitamin E is Reddish-Gold in color. Vitamin E is most effective in its natural state. Please be cautious of the clear alternative which has proven to be ineffective Reduce the appearance of stretch marks Prevent the appearance of age spots Maintain the skin’s oil balance during the cleansing process Stops trans-epidermal water loss from skin and strengthens the skin’s barrier function (Keeps skin moist & prevents ash) Repair fine lines & wrinkles Reduce appearance of old scars as & assists in proper healing of new scars Sooth minor burns, Help psoriasis, Repair eczema & other minor skin irritations Accelerates Tattoo Healing Full rainbow of Vitamin E building blocks For comprehensive healing – Alpha – Beta – Gama – Delta This vitamin is is Pure Plant derived through an air diffusion process without the use of Hexane – No preservatives – No Parabens – No Fragrances – No Dyes

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142 reviews for TkoSkin Vitamin E

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  1. ilovemychildrenofcolor (verified owner)

    100 bucks for maybe 3 ounces of product the bottles make it look like it would more…. What a rip off and let’s not get started on the over 2 month wait….. You got me this time but I won’t b doing this again thx but no thx

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      I’m sorry that you are unhappy with the dearness of this exquisite Vitamin E. The amount per bottle is clearly stated on the purchasing page. Please let me know where you can find this quality of fresh live pure Vitamin E (with no additives, fillers, or carrier oils) for “cheaper?” – I let you all know what I used for my gorgeous flawless, glowing skin. And not only does this potent Vitamin E give you radiant skin, it also accelerates healing. When I had TkoSkin people would sometimes haggle and try to pay less per bottle and I would say “Sure, I can sell it to you for half the price and I can just fill up half the bottle with sunflower oil.” But they didn’t want that. Listen, if you want quality, you must pay for it. You can make that oil into multiple ounces if you cut it with other oils. Add it to your lotions, coconut oil or whatever you choose. I gave you the Pure PURE so you can do with it as you choose. Shamona… use that on your skin… And I bet you’ll be back next year! You’ll beat the most loyal client to the door. I’ve seen this before – “There’s no substitute for the Truth–Either it is, or it isn’t” ~ india.arie. (This vitamin E is the TRUTH! $100 or $1K You’ll have the BEST skin on the Block! And to the other Knockouts, its WORTH it)… See you next year 😉

  2. Erika Thornton (verified owner)

    I never got it!!

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  3. Terri (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, this product did not work for me, at all. In fact, it caused a huge acne breakout which I haven’t had since high school. I had high hopes but that’s the breaks 🤷🏽‍♀️ If anyone needs two unopened bottles let me know 🙂

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