Wombmyn in the Wild

5-Day intensive Wombmyn Retreat to Heal the Goddess Divine


You have given your power to others in the past. You’ve done some work on yourself but you have so much going on; trying to balance everything, being pulled in many different directions, working full time & taking care of others, that you have no time to make yourself a priority. You secretly feel sad or angry all the time. You wish you could clear the battlefield in your mind. Your body feels like it is breaking down, your health is suffering, and sometimes you wonder why you’re even here? You feel like you’re going in circles with no direction, and you wish that you could find balance and prioritize. 

      Clear the Battlefield in Your Mind
      Erase Negative Self Talk Permanently
      Completely Revolutionize Your Current Situation

By now you thought you would be more financially stable with a career that fulfills you and be able to provide your children with the things you’ve dreamed of. You want to vacation while you’re young and make sure your children have their wants & needs  filled with an overall sense of  joy.

You’ve burned yourself out caring for others and you really need time to recharge, relax & just take care of yourself. You have unhealthy weight changes from the anxiety, depression & stress and feel like you’re heading towards a breakdown. 

    How to Meditate & Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
    Self-care, Rest, Relaxation & Empowerment
    How to Put Yourself First and Feel Good About It

You need the support of like-minded sisters so that you don’t feel like you’re doing this all alone. You’re lonely for strong, meaningful connection with other wombmyn with a sense of belonging of like minds built on trust & understanding. You want to cultivate & maintain  lasting friendships with high vibrational wombmyn and provide support, motivation , learning & growth to be the best wombmyn you can be.

    Heal Your Fractured Femininity
     Learn About Your Feminine Divinity
     Elevate Your Goddess Powers

Wombmyn are the healers of the world. We are the keepers of culture the inhabitors of intuition and the portals for all human life.  Studies have shown that characteristics typically attributed to the feminine (cooperation, empathy, intuition) are what’s going to heal the world, and the characteristics typically attributed to the masculine (competition, selfishness, aggression) are what will lead the earth to its end. However, before we can help to lift the world, we must first lift our selves. Our femininity has been suppressed, oppressed and fractured for so long that we must first step into our Goddess Essence to let the healing power of the Goddess save us from where we’re headed.

 High Vibrating Wombmyn Seeking to Support Other Wombmyn
Retreat 1 hour into the Mountains onto a Beautiful Nature Preserve Separate from Society Where We Have Privacy in Beautiful Fresh Spring Air.
 Fun Feminine Bonding Activities to Build Lasting Bonds of Trust & Support

You were never taught your true gifts & power as a wombmyn in your Goddess Feminine Divinity… but a part of you knows that if this world is going to be healed wombmyn must first heal her Selves

    How to be More Confident & Attract Healthy Loving Relationships
     How to Release & Heal Energetic Blocks In Your Womb
     How to Connect, Recharge & Repair your Sacred Sexuality
      Cut Cosmic Cords to Old Lovers & Fragmented Relationships

You pray that you will meet a higher vibration man who can help lift you, instead of the other way around. You’re tired of exerting your feminine energy outward to support others, but find yourself with no one when you’re in need. 

You long for a sisterhood of like-minded high vibrating ladies

Commune in nature with like-minded ladies who are committed to improving themselves and the world around us.

     Knowledge, wisdom & Experience from wombmyn of different ages & backgrounds
    Sisterhood & friendship with positive high vibrational women
    Participation from More Women telling their stories, sharing wisdom, connecting, Learning, Loving, Releasing & Healing


“Wombmyn in the Wild” is  a 5-Day intensive women’s retreat where we are forming sisterhood and diving into a healing journey to last the rest of our lives. We’re going into the wilderness and confronting our old patterns of the patriarchy, releasing the traumas of internalized misogyny & beliefs which no  longer  serve  us.  We’re doing powerful mental reprogramming techniques & exercises employing the power of NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming), Transcendental Meditation, hypnosis and  much more! 

We are Shedding the mental programming of misogyny dismantling the patterns of Patriarchy and stepping into our full Goddess Glory

Toxic masculinity has gotten us to this point



 Step Into Your Divine Feminine Energy

We are stepping into our divine female energy, healing the energetic blocks in our wombs, rewriting our subconscious programming and raising the power of the warrior wombmyn in each of us. Releasing anger, sadness, envy, angst, self-consciousness negative self talk. We are setting healthy boundaries, releasing the energetic hooks of old lovers, aligning our chakras, and raising our vibrational frequency. We are learning how to hone in the power of our sexuality – releasing the guilt, shame & programming of the patriarchy and rising into our true goddess divinity.

     Intensive Healing of Your Feminine Divinity
    Confront Your Programming of the Patriarchy
    Releasing the Traumas of Internalized Misogyny



  • Releasing negative self talk
  • Clearing energetic hooks of old lovers
  • Energetic womb clearing
  • Honing and controlling the power of your sexuality
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Meeting your higher selves, guides & guardians
  • Realigning chakras

Fun Feminine Activities

  • Sunrise Yoga
  • Belly Dancing After Dark
  • Full Moon Manifestations
  • Yoni Steaming
  • Drum Circle & Singing
  • Sound Baths
  • Ancestral African Dance
  • Group Cooking & bonding
  • Sisters serving sisters
  • Hugging trees
  • Honeys Hiking
  • Relaxing in the Hot Tub
  • Libations over each others’ feet




I was raped when I was 7

I was raped when I was 7, and covered myself in a layer of fat for protection. For years I thought it was my “enticing sexuality” which brought on my abuse and grew to experience a great deal of sexual shame and lack of safeness in my own body. Growing up I was constantly barraged with lessons attributing my worth to which man I could “get” to marry me. Adolescence and young adulthood was a time of grooming me for marriage: cooking cleaning. being ‘pleasant and pleasing’ and making myself palatable to some grown man of the future and what his desires may be.

I maintained my piousness and purity, and even after sharing my virginity with my college boyfriend, I returned to being celibate for many years, only to be raped as an adult. I’d done things by others’ rules, and  yet my life felt like it was betraying me. Where was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? The loving husband and family. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and take control of my life. I went on an intensive healing journey and decided to rewrite my story. I decided my life is not some “unfortunate filler” in between when my parents had me and some man could claim me. I decided my life is worth living for ME. There was a lot of reprogramming and rewiring I needed to do: I was raised in the church and many of my ideas about womanhood and femininity were told through the oppressive lens of male interpretation. Hidden in the context of many of our societies is female inferiority where “acting like a girl” is an insult but “man up” is a complement.  Where groups of people are called “guys”… where wombmyn are called “dude” benignly. But if you call a group of men “women” its problematic. We’re taught that God is a man, emotions are bad, and wanting a healthy relationship while sharing your body is asking too much. I took a good hard look at what listening to men’s rules has gotten wombmyn and the world and decided to do something about it.

    Retreat 1 hour into the Mountains onto a Beautiful Nature Preserve Separate from Society Where We Have Privacy in Beautiful Fresh Spring Air.

    Private Sacred Space Separated from Society with Discrete Positive Uplifting Wombmyn (of all Races, Ages, Body-Sizes & Backgrounds) Allowing Each Other to Speak Their Truths & Find Healing Openly.

    Like-Minded Women Individually Vetted Who are Highly Motivated and Also Seeking a Tribe of Spirit Sisters


Only Divine Femininity Can Elevate the world from Destruction

The masculine and the feminine are out of balance and thus we have climate change, prehistoric poisons escaping from the ice, Rain forests shrinking, economy on the brink of collapse, wars every decade, pollution in our land, seas & skies, pillaging of the earth, world hunger, 1:6 sexually assaulted, a wombmyn murdered by a man every 19 hours, every 20 seconds a woman is beaten/ abused. Rampage of trafficked children and plethora of male customers. Pesticides in our food, 1% owning 95% of the wealth. Racism, sexism, classism.

If this world is going to be elevated from the brink of destruction, its going to take wombmyn and divine femininity.

If we want a world for our children, we are going to have to save it… and in order to save it, we have to first save our selves.


  • Long for a tribe of wombmyn with a similar vibration
  • Learned destructive or dysfunctional things about being a woman & your place in the world.
  • Struggle with maintaining positive self image feeling deep down you’re not living up to  your potential/ In a mediocre existence?
  • Find yourself comparing yourself to others, wishing you could either be somebody else or  have what others  have?
  • Sometimes Lie, show-off  or put up fronts? Or avoid others because you don’t want to lie?
  • Feel anger, sadness, or strong emotion because of things which happened to you in  your childhood?
  • Feel Misunderstood, Isolated, Lonely?
  • Feel small, invisible, insignificant, hopeless, unworthy?
  • Get used, disrespected, taken advantage of?
  • Have trouble speaking up for yourself, saying “NO!” or Commanding Respect?
  • Repeat unhealthy relationship patterns? Confused by the term “You teach people how you want to  be  treated? You’re a  nice   person,  but people continue to treat you cruel  or mean?


  • Have sleep problems because of things on your mind
  • Sometimes avoid going  out  or social  functions because of Negative thoughts about yourself or others?
  • Dislike  others, or think others don’t or won’t like you?
  • Numb  yourself  with food, alcohol, drugs, television or distractions?
  • Afraid  of  being Sexually Free  or  give away sex too “Freely?”
  • Feel discomfort looking in the mirror, at pictures of yourself  or  hearing your  own voice?
  • Feel guilt, blame, have a hard time forgiving yourself or others?
  • Have  a  negative self-talk in your  head which discourages or  defeats you?
  • Suffer from unaddressed childhood issues?

Wombmyn in the Wild happens during the Spring a month after the Equinox during a Pink Moon which occurs just once a year when the planets sun and moon are lined up perfectly. During this time manifestation is high and the power of the Universal connection between the celestial bodies and us on earth are optimal for manifestation, law of attraction, purging, releasing and healing. We are coming together on a nature preserve with a full moon touting high into the sky. During this majestic moon we will be doing full moon manifestations and taking advantage of the highly charged feminine lunar energy. We are doing our healing work both indoors and in nature.


Once we transcend through our purging and healing we finish the retreat with sisterhood bonding activities. We will be braiding each other’s hair, pouring libations over each other’s feet, and pampering one another in preparation for our White Ceremony. Group photos on this magical day will also take place as well as small shoots with the sisters you bonded with the most.




You arrive on April 16th and check into your cabin. You have a bunkbed in a room you share with one other woman. Cabin is equipped with fully equipped kitchen, TV, bathroom, dining and sitting area and a porch.


VIP guests arrive 1 day early (April 16th) and have an appointment during the day with 1-on-1 coaching with me in my beautiful home. In the evening, I am cooking a delicious dinner for us, and we’re having a wonderful party where we get to unwind with music & revelry as we get ready for the retreat. A professional make-up artist is doing your make-up for your White Ceremony. On your first night you will receive the luxurious gift of a heavyweight monogrammed Turkish cotton bathrobe to commemorate Wombmyn in the Wild. You will have a private room inside of the cabin with a queen sized bed & private TV.

  • Arrive 1 day early for VIP homemade Dinner & coaching with Tonya
  • VIP Dinner party with me in my beautiful home
  • 1-0n-1 Private Coaching
  • Private room inside the cabin with Queen-sized bed & TV
  • Professional Make-up artist for White Ceremony
  • GIFT: Luxurious Turkish Cotton bathrobe with Monogrammed Wombmyn In The Wild

VIP Heavy Turkish Cotton Bathrobe







” I would describe the summit like a blind date, except the other person who shows up is your inner self.. the one with all the issues and baggage. I was quite surprised to see myself in that light, but then through the course of the night and all the exercises, I learned that both sides of myself, the one with the steely facade as well as the one with the open wounds, are VERY lovely and deserve love. it was interesting at first because just when I thought I was falling out of love with myself in the summit, people in the group said, “hey, I love you sis” and gave me a big hug until I felt better. expect tears, ugly truths, ugly memories, reality checks, and lots of food for thought. if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau but are not happy with it or yourself, come to a seminar and meet cool people and in turn you will meet a new side of yourself. I learned that I held myself responsible for things that had nothing to do with me and that’s where a lot of my inner anger and depression came from. everyone has fears, insecurities and doubts, but not everyone knows where they come from and how to make them go away. if you give yourself the time and energy to explore the source, then you may be able to rid yourself of them. I think everyone can benefit from learning about all aspects of their being. DO NOT GIVE UP! try! even if you aren’t feeling 100% just try! that 35-45% is better than nothing! its a start! it’ll be the seeds of change and help you get where you want to be.”

— Melissa M, Brooklyn


“I decided to attend this event for a variety of reasons. Meeting Tonya in person was great! She really is the same person you see in her videos, and she brought the same energy to this event. I did come to this event with a specific purpose; to heal a great childhood hurt. I received even more than this healing. I was able to find forgiveness for people I never thought I would be able to forgive, and I have found strength within myself that I know in my heart to be endless.

We participated in a variety of activities from coloring to dancing to writing to talking and sharing and connecting. While every activity on its own did not create its own breakthrough for me, it was an opening experience to see others have breakthroughs at different points throughout the day. Every new activity went just a little bit deeper. I was honored to have a great exercise in compassion watching my sisters confront their individual sticking points. Near the midway point I was beginning to confront the issues of my childhood and the idea of forgiving what seemed to be unforgivable. The process of traveling back to those awful moments, removing them, and forgiving those who created the situation… I have never shed more tears than I did in those moments.

I came out of this event feeling so much love for myself, my sisters, and this beautiful world we all share. Even now as I return to the life that my hurt self created, I find the negativity of those around me to be irrelevant to how I feel. I am also finding it much easier to connect with anyone, even total strangers, even those that I previously thought I had no love for. I do not hesitate to speak the truth of my heart, and this is where I find my greatest strength.

If you are at a point where you desire something better for yourself, this event is for you. No matter where you are in your own self-improvement journey, this event is worth investing in. Be sure to do the homework and follow instructions and take it all seriously. This is more an investment of your time and effort and spirit than it is your money, I am certain of this.

This event is just as valuable for men as it is for women. I was the only man to attend this first event, and I can assure any man who is thinking about attending this event that there is nothing to fear and much to gain. All judgment is left at the door.Show up prepared and respectful of the space, and do not attempt to suppress anything. You will earn the benefits of witnessing the true emotional state of women; my interacting with women has improved dramatically since I have gained a much deeper understanding. You will also be giving these same women the opportunity to feel the energy of a man who desires to better himself, giving them a good example to remember and take into their own future relationship decisions.

At the end of the day this decision is yours to make. Do you want this enough to make the commitment? I did, and I have no regrets! I can only hope these words have helped you to gain an understanding of what you have to gain. So what are you waiting for?”

~~~Roy S.~~~ Boston, MA


“The summit for self love in manhattan on June 29th was truly a life changing experience for me. Everyone is at different levels in our own journey of self discovery. I think everyone has something under the surface that keeps us from being as fulfilled in our lives. That is only if we are lucky. Some people never even know enough to know there is anything wrong.

When I got the email about the “Self Love Summit” It immediately caught my attention. Unlike most of the people that was familiar with Tonya and her videos and writings. I didn’t know until after I signed up for the summit that Tonya Tko was a motivational speaker of self improvement at all !!. I met Tonya in 2011 and 2012 at the Jacob K. Javits center. You see Tonya has a whole line of the best natural skincare products on the face of this earth. Natures Eraser! that is the slogan on her big sign and the 1st thing I noticed when I walked up to her booth at the “Circle of Sisters” conference that faithful day in October 2011 and there was a naked lady on the sign to prove it. (said to myself this lady is sure about her product ) so I bought as much as i could carry.

So needless to say I was on her email list for the products. But the email this time was about a self love summit. The description listed on the page made me stop in my tracks. I had been looking for something like this for ever. I was so excited the day had finally arrived. I felt like a grownup as funny as that may sound. When we arrived i knew I could be honest, not feel judged and meet people who have something in common with me. We went through a series of exercises that were designed to bring out alot of deep emotional baggage that I did not know was bothering me. I have to stress this that there is something about physically going through the exercises that reading, hearing someone lecture, or talking on the phone cannot do. Physically going through the exercises Tonya has designed is truly freeing and so effective.

I would like to see more men involved I think this is a great thing for men as well.

Roy was our only male and I was grateful to see him healing. I also would like the weekend retreat like Tonya mentioned. I think you are a fabulous and a courageous woman Tonya. Please know everyone I met made a footprint in my heart forever.”

Love you all,
Wilma aka Strong and Destiny



“I attend the Tonya TKO Self Love Summit with very little expectations. I thought at most it would be a meet and greet composed of her many YouTube subscribers. I imagined a day of chat-chat and endless advice from the big sister of the internet, basically a live Q & A version of the Tonya TKO Show, and by all means I was more than fine with that.

Upon arriving at the event venue located in Midtown Manhattan I immediately knew the day would more than exceed my expectation. Simply due to the fact that the event was held in a chic studio instead of a conference hall I knew that it was more than just a summit. The space was set up like a mini spa oasis, adorn with fresh cut flowers, satin table cloths, velour and statin drapery, and fragrant candles in an array of divine scents from white sage to patchouli. I found this gesture very nice, it provided for an ultra-relaxed feel in the room.

Now this event is not designed for the person who wants to go sit and listen all day. I did more work that Saturday than I have done in a life time, all the “work” I refer to was tailored to improving myself and my quality of life. Before attending the event I thought I had a good idea of who I was and that I was long away on the road to my personal spiritual journey to awaking. Tonya’s summit was like throwing a bucket of ice cold water on me and awaking me from a deep slumber that I did not realize I was in.

The summit was more of a workshop. During the day we did many interactive activities that where designed to get to the core of our being. We did activities that bought forth issues that I did not know I had, but have clearly shaped the person that I am today. I resolved some underlying issues that have had me in a stagnated state for years and have kept me from being ME and fulfilling my life’s purpose. Tonya’s unique interactive technique takes you on a journey from the moment you are born to your present day life, and the best part is if you are unsatisfied with the life you have lead this is the day you are able to reshape who you are.

I know it sounds too good to be true, that there has to be a catch. Well, there is and I am going to tell you the secret to getting the most out of you experience. The secret is YOU. Yeah, it sounds silly but very true. When you go to this event you must come prepared. Prepare means coming on time because Tonya gets it in as soon as you enter the room. Come with no expectations because your expectations may limit you to receiving the many life lessons that are presented. Come with your mind and heart open because you will leave with them full. Come willing to unlearn many concepts you have about yourself because when you leave you will see yourself in a new light. You must come willing to be truthful with yourself and willing to do the WORK. Oh, and come with a yoga mat I promise it will come in hand.

It has been a week since I attended the Self Love Summit and in all sincerity I feel different. For a lack of better words I say hopeful. I walked away from the summit renewed. I can’t say all has changed in my life but I was given tools that if I use them I will see the change, I trust the process to know that the change is in evident.

I am sure everyone walked away with something new from the summit. I went to the summit without knowing I would walk away with so much wealth. Yes, wealth because the wisdom and knowledge I received is priceless. I am proud to announce that since the summit I am in a new courtship……..with MYSELF. I am getting to know the real me, I am enjoying my own company, I am treating myself like the goddess that I am, and above all I am happy with me.

Tonya TKO Self Love Summit introduced me to my true SELF”

Divine – from Bronx, NY


  1. Q: How many wombmyn will be there
    A: We will have 12 – 24 high vibrational wombmyn for the standard package and 3 – 6 wombmyn for the VIP
  2. Q: I want to get the VIP Package but I also want roommates so I can bond with other wombmyn.
    A: Thank you for bringing this up! I’ve created a way that each wombmyn is paired in a cabin with other wombmyn. The VIP package allows you to have a private room in the cabin. Each cabin has two bedrooms, one bedroom has your queen-sized bed and the other room has a bunk bed. (see question below for more details about the accommodations).
  3. Q: How do you know each wombmyn on the retreat will be high vibrational?
    A: Great question! Every wombmyn who signs up is vetted by me personally. Also, the type of wombmyn who are attracted to an event like this, and are willing to invest in themselves and sisterhood in this way are already vibrating at a certain frequency. The wombmyn who have already signed up are eager to bond in sisterhood and find a tribe exactly like this. We have a private group where we’re meeting and bonding. We’re making our grocery lists, choosing roommates, organizing carpools from the airport and are forming friendships so we already know one another by the time we get to the retreat. The purpose of the retreat is female tribe, and this lasts more than just 5 days.
  4. Q: What will we eat?
    A: Each cabin comes equipped with kitchen, refrigerator and dining area. We will come together with a group grocery list, cook together, and share our rations with each other so there aren’t leftovers at the end of the 5 days. If you can’t cook, don’t worry, I can, and I will be participating in the bonding activities as well.
  5. Q: Should I bring my Mother? Best Friend? Lover? Etc?
    A: We will be going into some very deep psychological layers. Whoever you come with, make sure she’s a person you feel secure speaking your TRUTH in front. Those who come willing to open up have the best healing experience.
  6. Q:Will There be a recording?
    A: During the intimate processes there is no recording or photography. During the fun group activities there will be a photographer capturing memories of this magical time.
  7. Q: Can I stay in a tent instead of paying for a cabin
    A: Yes. It may vary anywhere from chilly to freezing (literally) at night so make sure you prepare for that
  8. Q: Can I stay in a nearby hotel?
    A: The drive up the mountain is about an hour. You are invited to choose the arrangements which work best for you and your particular situation 
  9. Q: What are the accommodations and sleeping arrangements?
    A: Each cabin has 2 bedrooms (Private queen bedroom & twin bunk beds in separate room), a full kitchen with stove & fridge, living/dining area & bathroom. (The private queen bedroom is reserved for the guests who upgrade to VIP package). If you want a cabin to yourself please contact me privately for the additional cost for that. 
  10. Q: What happens if it snows?
    A: I planned the retreat a month after the Equinox to make sure the weather is moderate, nonetheless we have an indoor building for our private workshops. Everything still goes as planned and the snow will make for a BEAUTIFUL White Ceremony. I’m not worried about the snow, what’s meant to be, shall. We have cabins, a building for our workshop and the woods. We’re good. (Plus its, Southern California, even if it snows in the mountains, down below its still 80 degrees and sunny), there’s a Walmart below the mountain. We’re good.
  11. Q: Can Men Attend?
    A: No. 
  12. Q: Can I stay on the nature preserve before the retreat starts or stay after it ends
    A: Those arrangements can be made, please contact me privately. The preserve is beautiful and if you’re flying in from far and want to make a vacation of it, by all means, you are welcome. However the preserve is private and those arrangements must be made beforehand. 
  13. Q: Will we have free time?
    Yes, we will break each night to give us enough time to process and work on things. The town of Pine Cove is beautiful. There are restaurants and attractions which, if you have the capacity to attend, I encourage you to. There’s an outdoor hot tub & pool and indoor lodge on the preserve. You also have TV in your cabin, and there are many hiking trails. We will be engaging in some deep work, and you are encouraged to process in the ways you need to.


The event is finished.


Apr 17 - 21 2019


5:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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