An Intimate Talk with Tonya Tko


Sit down and have an intimate Talk with Tonya Tko.

Join me in Midtown Manhattan and sit down in a small group setting and have a conversation about anything you choose. The day will be molded around the conversations we have and if there is a need for grounding exercise, chakra work, or hypnotherapy, we will let the conversations guide us to where we go. This group will have MAX 20 People.


After the group talk each VIP will get 1 hour to sit down and talk one-on-one with Tonya. We can discuss anything and everything on your heart or mind. This is your chance for individual, personal, one-on-one connection with Tonya. There are ONLY 3 SLOTS AVAILABLE. Please Book Now.


2020 is the year we are stepping into our abundance and manifestations of the LIFE WE CHOOSE. No more excuses. This is a New Decade. Let’s get it.

The event is finished.


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