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Manifest your dreams in 2018

I’m Tonya Tko –

You are living in a life which doesn’t feel like yours, and you don’t know how to get out of this existence and live the life you were meant to. You have this feeling in your soul that there must be more to life than what you’re doing now. But when you talk to other people they either can’t understand, won’t understand, or try to convince you that you don’t understand. But no matter how much you try to swallow down the feeling – it keeps poking up at you. Nagging you, and the feeling has gotten stronger and stronger.

You’ve done some spiritual work and the answers you keep getting from the “New Age enlightened crew” is that “your lack of abundance is because of YOU” because of what “YOU are attracting to YOU.” Because you’re “not doing the law of attraction correctly” or you’re attracting bad situations into your life – after all “what you resist persists” and “if only you thought positively enough” you would have what you want. You’ve read the books and you’ve done the lectures and seminars and the manifesting just doesn’t seem to be happening. Meanwhile you’re waiting for your new life but getting further and further embedded in your old life, because, well, you need money to achieve your dreams.

You see all these gurus talking about “leap and your wings will grow.” You hear them talking about how they jumped and left it all behind, and landed on their feet. But you? You’ve got kids who need to eat, or landlords who need to be paid, notes which much be satisfied, and a belly which growls every morning. You know what your financial cushion is and you know that you can’t quite and leave everything behind because you have responsibilities. Or you tried that, and ended up broke and/or broken.

You don’t have other friends who are entrepreneurs, or if you do, they are so far ahead of you that they don’t have the time to mentor you. You keep buying these courses and after thousands of dollars you are just being led deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole being expected to spend more and more money for breadcrumbs, never getting the full answer, you’re just lead round and round and round into more and more expensive packages, coaching sessions

What if what you learned about the law of attraction is a lie? (or at least misguided?)

What if The Secret has a secret?

What if there is a simple proven way to manifest

What if that way is simple, easy and free?
What if you’re like Dorothy who invested all of her resources to see the Wizard, but later learned the key to all of your dreams and desires lay inside of you all along? And that you just need to know the way to unlock it?

3 years ago I had a thriving skincare business and would bring in $25 K in a month. But I was miserable. I couldn’t think of a reason to continue living (in that life) because I didn’t feel “alive.” Each day I felt suffocated by the song of my soul stuck in my throat, as my dreams lay dead inside of me. I was successful, young, beautiful, and yet I was still miserable. I ate organic foods & juices, went on yearly month-long exotic sabbaticals, I dated successful men, had hundreds of thousands of fans. I was helping other people get rid of their stretch marks. I had suppliers in Africa, China, and Malaysia. I did nationwide expos & trade-shows, I had just appeared on a morning show and I was in talks with a nationwide whole food store about putting one of my products on their shelves and despite all that, I still wanted to die. I remember one night, rather than waiting for my workers in the morning, I decided to carry a heavy load of shea butter up the stairs by myself. I remember imagining the shea butter over-powering me, falling backward, and injuring me. I pictured myself rolling down the stairs, as the weight of the package pummeled me. I imagined myself laying at the bottom of the stairs broken, injured and unable to work… and the worst part is this wasn’t a nightmare, it was a fantasy! I had to seriously look at my life and figure out why deep down in my heart I had self-harm fantasies. That’s when I realized I was living a lie. On the outside, it seemed like I “had it all,” but on the inside I felt empty. The life I was living could have been the dream life for somebody else, but it wasn’t for me. I had a song crying out from my soul to be heard. I wanted to do workshops, seminars, write books and assist people with their self-healing journey. I yearned to assist people in living to their highest expression of themselves. Yet, I sat there day after day, a hypocrite. Living in this soul-tormenting existence.

I too read those books about the entrepreneur who laid it all on the line and quit their 6 figure job and became a successful XYZ. I read the Wayne Dyer story of leaving his business , leaving the country and leaving it up to his secretary to sell his business. I read all these stories of one entrepreneur after another doing whatever it took to pursue their dream and I wanted to be in integrity. After all, according to The Secret, all you have to do is write yourself a million-dollar check, lay in bed and stare at it each night and the Universe will conspire to bring that to you, right? So I sold all my products, closed my business and left the country to write my books, because, “Leap and Your Wings Will Grow.” Well. I was robbed my first day on the ground, and what happened next was a year and a half long grueling journey which ended with me living in my car in Hollywood, CA putting up a GoFundMe asking people for money to save me!

The people who come out on the other side try to make it seem like its so “easy.” They make it seem like its “mind over matter” and if you change your mind you create your physical matter. I’m here to tell you that it is NOT “that easy!” It can be done. However there is a technique and things you must do with your mind, being, body and brainbody to make it happen.

There are things the gurus are not telling you.

I once bought this $700 course from this psychic who bragged about making $70,000 a month. So I bought her spiritual course… and I went on to buy her even more expensive entrepreneur course – only to learn that she sells 100 courses a month averaging at $700 a course, and THAT was her $70K! I was mortified. I learned many people who talk about ‘manifesting money’ manifest it – by getting it right from your pockets to learn about how to manifest it. But what if your dream is not selling other people courses? What if your dream is to be a painter, world traveler, happy wife or loving father? How do you go about learning how to manifest YOUR particular type of dream? Because I know what its like to live a life which would be a dream for a different person. So that isn’t the point. The point is manifesting YOUR type of life – whether that’s to get your degree, tart a family, have well-behaved children, travel the world, save more than you spend, create music, get out the rat-race, create an on-line store, belly-dance, paint, write books, become a scientist, doctor or coach. How do we get you from where you are now, what your life looks like now to living the life of your dreams?

I went from living in my car to buying my dream home (a 300 sq ft condo on wheels), gaining passive income, writing books, doing workshops and landing a TEDx Talk. How? I’m going to show you what I did.

In this workshop you will

  • Discover and fine-tune your true dream
  • Create actionable steps to map your dream
  • Weed-out limiting beliefs
  • Learn NLP techniques to achieve the life of your dreams
  • Discover and clear blocks which have been hold you back from your dreams
  • Astral travel through your life’s timeline and change your future
  • Heal old wounds and release baggage
  • Create a manifestation board
  • Participate in group hypnosis to springboard your vision
  • Learn how to access Theta brain waves to supercharge your manifestations
  • Learn how to set up a free bitcoin wallet
  • Get some free bitcoin*
  • Get an accountability partner to motivate, inspire and hold one another accountable
  • Have a precise vision of where you’re going, with steps to get there and support to see it through.

The event is finished.


Jan 13 2018


9:00 am - 7:00 pm


Ripley Grier Studios


Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Ave, NY, United States
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