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My most powerful affirmations in a 5″x 8″ full color workbook. 52 pages illustrated with full-color breathtaking images which begin your therapy with their beauty alone. Worded with NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming) to re-write the subconscious mind. These affirmations correspond with the chapters from Self Love book, and super-charge the self love journey.

These are my most powerful affirmations which I used to rise out of my lowest most grueling points into full fledged  love & abundance.

When I was displaced, living in my car, people wondered why I was so self-assured and happy? And how I was able to overcome the rigors of public ridicule and the onslaught of verbal assault — Well, I kept my mind right and fortified.

This workbook is life-changing.



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111 reviews for Self Love Affirmations Workbook **AUTOGRAPHED**

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  1. Aubrey-Eric Smith (verified owner)

    The book put me back on the right track, I’m now more focused on achieving my goals, my confidence is firm if not soaring again, thanks so much Tonya!!!?

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  2. dwhonder (verified owner)

    I really did like it, thank you

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  3. talesha2224 (verified owner)

    This is enlightening and a breath of fresh air, thank you!?

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  4. straws1019 (verified owner)

    Plan to buy more for family and friends.

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  5. Shirael Bell (verified owner)

    The Artwork and Illustration is Beautiful.Has plenty of Space for Writing and made me Feel Blessed.I Highly Recommend Every Woman to Purchase this Work Book.You won’t Regret it!

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Thank you! <3

  6. Kwaneisha Brown (verified owner)

    So I wanted to wait until I finished at least 3 days to complete my review. This book is amazing! The first night, the affirmations started repeating while I was on my way to sleep. For the first night, in many,many months, I got a good, refreshed night’s rest. The second day was more of the same but I noticed my thoughts started changing. In that, I started to focus less of what was not serving me and more on what is or will. The third night/day, my perceptions started to change. I don’t want to give too much away but I do see a clear and positive change in my life! You have to do the work but it’s worth it!

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      This is so WONDERFUL to hear! Thank you so much! Keep us updated as the shifts continue to take place… This is exactly what happens when you use the items as instructed. I’m excited about the journey you’re on & can’t wait to continue to see you bloom <3

  7. Kadijah Banks (verified owner)

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  8. 360bydesign (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it, it makes it so easy to do daily affirmations, it’s compact light so you can take it with you. Also you can see the time and effort it took to get us to do the affirmations easily, effortlessly and repeatedly. There is room to write the affirmations in your own handwriting. Beautifully illustrated and executed. I hope you do another one.

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Thank you for this thoughtful comment. Could you paste your review onto Amazon

  9. Mieshia S. (verified owner)

    On my way to a happy positive life with this book! Thanks so much TonyaTko!!! -Mimi

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  10. danielle_nelson73 (verified owner)

    Very cute book. I bought too so I am waiting to meet with my best friend so we can do the books together:-)

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  11. Annetteblackmonbrainwaves (verified owner)

    Thank you, very much, for the reminders of mind, body and spirit refreshes. Also, for sharing, some new skills, that I can share with my family, young and old alike. I really appreciate, the positive approach to embettering my life threw what this book covers. I spend time watching what I eat, why not, watch what I plant in my thoughts (consciousness)???? I’m amazed about how quickly I have seen changes because of practicing these exercises for my life???? Thank you Tonya????????????????

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  12. LASHON HEIDELBERG (verified owner)

    Beautifully illustrated and uplifting.

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  13. Makeda H. (verified owner)

    Words of Affirmation is not one of my love languages, but I certainly needed this book right now. I needed to tell myself these uplifting, positive and healthy words for my mental health. Thank you Tonya for this beautiful work of art. The pages are dreamy and eye catching. I actually love the fact that I can write in this book. Reading alone doesn’t sink in until you write it down & repeat.

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  14. Sabrina Jones (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and thoughtful book.. Pages are filled with love for self expression..

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Thank you. Could you paste your review onto Amazon

  15. Kimone Reid (verified owner)

    The Self Love affirmations workbook is great for everyone, this booklet gives me a fresh and new outlook on life. I am very happy Thanks!!! Miss Tonya Tko

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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

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  16. Emeka Nwachie (verified owner)

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  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I truly appreciate this book. It is forcing me to take a hard look within myself and helping me to appreciate my strengths and identify aspects of myself that I am working on. Thank you!

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  18. Yolanda G. Richmond (verified owner)

    You’re a blessing

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  19. Patricia (verified owner)

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  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I just got it yesterday 29th. And I simple luv the the design of the entire book. Not yet started the affirmations however well on my way doing so today.

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  21. Sandra B. (verified owner)

    As a huge Fan of Tonya, I have watched her videos for over 7 years now and have been very satisfied with her channel and videos. However,this wonderful book has been most impressive to me so far. What a great book to write down your affirmations and work on nightly. Thank you Tonya again for sharing your knowledge and wonderful vibrant personality with us.

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  22. Ellese Robinson (verified owner)


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  23. TAMEKA FORREST (verified owner)

    My book just arrived and it was right on time! I have been working on my Self Love for the last 2 years and it has been a wonderful journey. This small powerful book is exactly what I needed to keep me strong on my journey! I started using it right away both the colors and the words captured me. Namaste ???????? Tonya

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  24. Mirta ROBINSON (verified owner)

    I love it

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  25. Blakeley Riddle (verified owner)

    Love this workbook, it is absolutely beautiful! The autograph and personal note made the experience of receiving this feel so authentic individualized. The art and quotes are all spot on, if anything I hope that the next workbook you create is even longer. I am extremely pleased with the overall quality and uniqueness of this workbook, stay blessed.

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  26. Angela Dudoit (verified owner)

    Love it

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  27. Tawanda Cavicchio (verified owner)

    Hi Tonya! I absolutely love the book! It is put together well! Thank you for sharing this with the world!! Love you and keep doing what you do! We decent people out here need you and your expertise!

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  28. Tanya Maness (verified owner)

    I have received my books. One for me and one to give to a friend as a gift. This is a POWERFUL tool in a small package. Thank you Tonya TKO…

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  29. Asia (verified owner)

    Review for Self Love Affirmations Workbook **AUTOGRAPHED**
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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  30. Raven Royal (verified owner)

    I think the book is amazing and the affirmations are ones that I resonate with. Thank you for autographing it live on youtube, that was cool. You’re amazing and I hope things continue to manifest beautifully in your life Tonya. Peace.

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  31. Ayisha Reese (verified owner)

    Love this little powerful book of affirmation! The art work is beautiful and it’s gives me so much inspiration!! Thank you TonyaTko!!! ❤️

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  32. Chigozie Avugara (verified owner)

    Thank you for the autograph. I look forward to utilizing my book.

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  33. Glynis (verified owner)

    Thank you Tonya for giving your precious gifts of Self Love! I MATTER ALWAYS! ❤️🧘🏽‍♂️

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  34. Traci Gibson (verified owner)

    I love the COLOR & affirmation notes page’s. Its too pretty to write IN…

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  35. Lydia S. (verified owner)

    I love the Self Affirmations workbook, the pages are so beautiful and the message are even more amazing, thank you so much for the autograph and message.

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  36. Shakeeta Bob (verified owner)

    Very similar passages to my daily affirmations routine, I love picking it up throughout the day for little reminders when I feel a little cluttered and have no time to meditate. Also love reading the big captions to my toddler daughters… wish I had this in my preteen years alongside my soup for a teenage soul book. Really a good purchase for friend with post-pardon depression or lost of mother or spouse.

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  37. Rhonda Y. (verified owner)

    Thank you Tonya for making/writing this book of affirmations. It arrived today when I needed it to as I just had an awful fight with my Father. Opening up the book and seeing what you wrote to me, made me feel better and it also made me be compassionate to what my Father is feeling. I appreciate the time and what you do so thank you and God bless! I am looking forward to making your book part of my morning routine.
    I would recommend getting this book to any woman who needs to know that their worth is real and that we are worthy of kindness and compassion and so are our loved ones.

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  38. Charmaine Cunningham (verified owner)

    Just started using the book. It’s really helping me to voice my feelings and to encourage myself. Thank you

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  39. Rhonda (verified owner)

    I just started working in my work book, but I’m inspired to take my new journey to self love.

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  40. Mariesa (verified owner)

    Powerful! This book is ALIVE! So many gems packed inside but you must do the work! Excellent Affirmations..

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  41. Erica M. (verified owner)

    Hi Tonya! I love your book very much! I am a new viewer to your program- I started watching a few months ago and I haven’t left. In fact, I subscribed after watching the very first time. You are a woman of wisdom and I always look forward to watching. Watching your program is impacting my life in a very positive way. Continue to inspire your audience! Lots of love 💗

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  42. Deborah Griffin (verified owner)

    It was absolutely fabulous and great self esteem booster… I loved it!!!!

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  43. Julia Keith (verified owner)

    I am at the beginning of this journey and will keep an update on my progress on this book. So far, very pleased with this book.

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  44. Kelly (verified owner)

    It truly is a piece of art.🥰 And it’s not only a book, but a tool to heal. It’s something that has given me the opportunity to be honest with myself. I absolutely love it and see myself buying it as gifts for my friends and family.😍

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  45. Dana M. (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and inspiring book.

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  46. Marcia P. (verified owner)

    This is a GREAT Book! Love the attention color schemes and the affirmations are AMAZING!!!

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  47. Giovana Rankin (verified owner)


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  48. Carlton Griggs (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. It’s a beautiful book! Can’t wait for my life and mindset to change for the better.

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  49. Honesty (verified owner)

    It’s definitely a book that speaks life into ALL things in life that we need to have as priority. From self to finance to family, it’s one to keep to keep with you.

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  50. Ashley L (verified owner)

    I’m happy it’s a work book, I just received it and plan to get started tonight! Prompt service with updates well.

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  51. Shiva (verified owner)

    I love this book! It is helping me reform my thoughts about myself and the world around me. I’m well on my path to healing with your book’s help. Thank you so much!

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  52. wendy charles (verified owner)

    Just got my book today April 6 just in time for my birthday April 7 love it. Encouraging,uplifting, self healing, ❤️

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  53. Maria (verified owner)

    Thanks so very much🥰🥰🥰

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  54. Ericka (verified owner)

    I like the affirmation book. I am taking my time and making sure that what I affirm is what is in my heart. I love the illustrations and the pictures. Thank you for the assurance that I am on the right path of self-love and self-care. Keep helping us love.

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  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  56. Wanda J. (verified owner)

    I love this book! Beautifully illustrated with room to write down you thoughts along with the assignments. I look forward to evenings of relaxing, reading and writing as a part of my affirmations of self care & self love. I’m excited about this new journey!

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  57. Nico Moseley (verified owner)

    I love this beautifully written form of encouragement!!

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  58. Ana (verified owner)

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  59. Geneva Bryan (verified owner)

    It’s too beautiful to write in. You should sell them two for 1 price 🥰

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  60. Astephen landrum (verified owner)

    Honestly im amazed at the progress I’ve made personally…Im grateful 🙏 Tonya has inspired me in so many different ways her book really opened me up to a deeper level within myself. I stopped smoking cigarettes, drinking, smoking weed, using poppers which is heavily used in the gay community..and I started respecting my body No hook ups
    No taking abuse from people
    Setting up boundaries with others as well.
    I value my time, my body, my money, overall life…. I needed a change so bad I was lost before Tonya. Im a 23 mixed gay male and its tough out here..BUT HER VIDEOS HER PERSPECTIVE HER BOOK! YASSS QUEEN lol
    Go buy her book what are you waiting for. Im Honestly her biggest fan well one of her biggest fans 😉

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  61. Jessica F. (verified owner)

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  62. Kelli (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book! My spirits are IMMEDIATELY lifted after re-writing the affirmations, and things are changing in my life for the better! I love teaching myself how to love myself! Thank you so much TonyaTKO!

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  63. Jere B. (verified owner)

    This book is essential for my daily self love rituals.

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  64. Monique M. (verified owner)

    I bought one for myself and my daughter.

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  65. Neva H. (verified owner)

    The book is very helpful, it even helps you set up a time where you will be able to best benefit from it. The art work is beautiful as well.

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  66. Katrina H. (verified owner)

    I love the book and the heart warming message Tonya Tko wrote in my book personally for me I felt the love in every word. I writw in my book everyday.

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  67. Elecisha (verified owner)

    I am new to affirmations. Your book is a perfect way to ease into the process. It is very easy to follow the guidance provided to make the most out of the experience. I look forward to coming back and sharing more about the lift shift I’m going to make.

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  68. Shadeana Robinson (verified owner)

    Such a great book. Eye opening affirmations that help me to better love MYSELF. I would highly recommend this book. I actually have two of them.

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  69. DesiRay (verified owner)

    Love the pictures and so meany options to choose from depending on how you feel. I LOVE IT!

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  70. Pamela (verified owner)

    Love the affirmations and looking forward to the manifestion of self-love thank you

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  71. Carol Durham (verified owner)

    Love it can’t wait to to what you came out next🤗

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  72. Takisha Worthy (verified owner)

    I love this book. I right in it daily and it inspires me to keep going.

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  73. Sheilah Cherry (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my Self Love workbook!!! The 1st page set a fire in me as confirmation of what I’ve been saying to myself all along. Thank you❤

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  74. Rhonda (verified owner)

    So excited about this book! The affirmations are just what I need!

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  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This book is love in itself! These affirmations are truly life changing. After just one week I have already noticed a shift in my self-care. Thank you for this priceless gift! – Trinie

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  76. Nattily Edward (verified owner)

    This Book has been an interesting inspiration. I did write down my goals. I wakeup and read that I am a tree. I am a seed and I am worth being here. I never thought of my life that way.

    I love you Tonya. Thanks for changing my life and making me see myself in that perspective. My book is next to my bed head. I have made changes in my home. I have also changed my thought processes. Thanks for changing my life, my views and my perspectives on life.

    Love you Tonya. Thanks for the hand written note. I felt special. I’ll keep things book forever. Love you Tonya. Thanks for changing my life.

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  77. Antoinette Johnson (verified owner)

    I’m loving the workbook and looking forward to the manifestation of positive things to come in my life. As Tonya wrote to me in her autographed message, “You are on the right path.” I believe and receive that as confirmation for what I am moving towards. Thank you, Tonya, for this amazing and beautiful workbook. I will cherish it forever.

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  78. Deserie C. (verified owner)

    Very beautiful inspiring book

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  79. Dessalina Clement (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I received my order. Wishing you continual success!!

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  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very beautiful book. It took a while to receive, however I love the autographed copy with the personal message. It was worth the wait. Can’t wait to start using it!

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  81. Joanna Ramsay (verified owner)

    Beautiful book!

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  82. Nambi K. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much your self love affirmations workbook is amazing !!!

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  83. Kimberly D. (verified owner)

    Loving it so far!

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  84. Corinna O. (verified owner)

    This book is equally useful as it is beautiful! It’s a must have for my life

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  85. Astephen (verified owner)

    This book changed my life swiftly almost suddenly.. I don’t drink, smoke cigarettes, abuse my body anymore. I finished her book but you can still rewrite the affirmations on a piece of paper! Worth the 20.00 I promise! Invest in yourself
    You deserve the best!

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  86. Melissa R. (verified owner)

    I love the book so much that I purchased two copies.

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  87. Daphney Sevrin (verified owner)

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  88. RA (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for the way you’ve chosen to share your life for the Greater Common Good of Humanity and the human experience.
    I’ll be purchasing more for some other special folks in my circle… and out of it.
    Stay Special

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  89. Renee R. (verified owner)

    just writing the affirmations makes me feel worthy.

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  90. LaTonya (verified owner)

    Great book!! Going to order some one for my daughter and sister!!

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  91. Antoinette Whatley (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying reading📚 it and writing✍my thoughts in it,,,I appreciate what you do to help encourage😀😊🙂all of us in your show,,,Please keep it up….

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  92. Ana D. (verified owner)

    My daughter loved her copy. She loves the pictures and how glittery the cover is. The affirmations help her to finish the sentences on how she feels about herself. She thinks Tonya is so pretty. I bought myself one earlier in the year. I will be buying her a new book once a year for the next 8 years so she can see how she grew and her changing perspectives on herself.

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  93. Patrice (verified owner)

    Phenomenal book with the perfect affirming affirmations for my life. Thank you immensely!

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  94. Karen Burbank (verified owner)

    Love this book. I bought two and gave one to my daughter. What an inspiration!

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  95. Samonna J. (verified owner)

    Well worth the wait! It is illustrated so beautifully that I don’t even want to write in it. I love my autographed copy. It came with an inspiring personal note that made me feel like I knew Tonya forever. Instead of using my first name Tonya addressed me using a nickname and that made it even more personable! This book is filled with love, pure intentions, and the best feels and vibes! You need this book!

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  96. Toteanna B. (verified owner)

    The book is just what I needed!

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  97. Diddy Johnny-Moore (verified owner)