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Why I do What I Do.

Tonya Tko

Media’s #1 Big Sister

In 2007 I had an NDE (Near Death Experience). I was in the hospital deciding whether I wanted to live or die when I went into this ‘Area’ which is hard to describe, because it wasn’t an area which existed on this plane. While there, besides an extreme sense of calm and acceptance, I awakened to a realization: A lot of what I THOUGHT was ‘REAL’ in fact, Wasn’t. And things I’d never consciously considered, actually are. We have an amazing power that we don’t know much about, because we are slumbering in a sense. We come into this life in tiny bodies, and we try so hard to hold onto our awareness… we promise that ‘this time’ we’ll remember and we’ll make this the best life ever… but alas as we grow, we forget and adapt the reality of the adults around us… and sooner or later we forget who we are, and we think that we are ‘Only Human.’ (When we are SO MUCH More). Its easy to remain in this state of slumber because everyone around us seems to be in varied degrees of it as well…. but every once in a while a person like me comes along to SHAKE Things UP! I was given an amazing opportunity to wake up to just a small portion of our power. I know that we have a level of control over every aspect of our lives which many of us are unaware of. Everything from good things, to bad things even down to our seeming ‘disease.’

In the hospital bed I was able to stop my hemorrhaging and blood loss simply by COMMANDING IT. Regulate my heartbeat, on COMMAND–And change my body temperature and vitals with my Command–Alone. Not because I wanted it to, or begged it to, but because I COMMANDED IT TO, and IT. WAS. SO! Its hard to describe in typing, but we have amazing ability we are unaware of. We get hypnotized into the human experience, absorbed into our unawareness and perceived powerlessness. Soon we are in a cycle of suffering unnecessarily. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, if at ANY time there is a situation we don’t like–we can Change It as easily as she clicked her heals–but remember, she was unaware that that ability was afforded to her. And that’s why I’m here… to tap you on the shoulder and remind you of your divinity. I don’t need to ‘Teach’ you anything… just help awaken you to what, on a soul level–as a divine reflection of Source–which you already know. This FREE Guide is such a tapping: Helping to shift your consciousness & bring your awareness and being one more component to the ‘Waking up.’

After my NDE I started making YouTube videos on self love & empowerment. Relationships & love, and our intrinsic spiritual connection to Divine. I’m in the process of writing a full length book and becoming a candidate for my phD in Transpersonal Psychology.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy your Free Guide. Let me know your thoughts after reading it.



Feedback about the Guide

“I got much more out of the guide than I expected……”

I can honestly say I am surprised at the vast amount of information and life lessons I received by downloading Tonya’s free book. Like many I have been following Tonya TKO for a few years after discovering her on YouTube, so I was more than happy to download her FREE e-book with only the expectation of a few positive affirmations that would serve as a clear reminder of the path that I want to take in life. However, that is not what I got …..

I received a HUGE wake-up call. For a couple years now I thought I was well away on my journey of living a ‘better” life and maybe even a step closer to enlightenment. After reading the Self-Help Guide it is clear that I still have many issues to work on. With that being said not only did the guide point out issues that maybe I simply did not want to deal with or maybe did not realize they exist; the guide gives you tools to work out issue that you may identify with, but you have to be HONEST with yourself and willing to do the work.

It has been almost two weeks since I downloaded and read the guide (and committed to working on my issues) and I have shifted the gears in my life. By working on some of the issues I was not even aware were hindering me I am moving further down the path of not only success but happiness. Since reading this book I turned down a job that simply that did not seem right for me but paid extremely well, and I took a vote of confidence in myself and my abilities and applied to places that interest me and also pay well. I stated my value and worth and now I am discussing opportunities with three companies.

Also I have mapped out an achievable and realistic plan to make a once though impossible move, and I continue to work on a few other things. After reading the guide I have had a shifted in the way I think and relate to myself, emotions, and many external situations.

S. Mercedes
Bronx, NY

Download Your Guide!


Your guide emailed to you instantly. You will be entered onto my mailing list and receive helpful information once a week on Self Love, Empowerment, Relationships, Life and Love.

I value your privacy and will only use your information to email you helpful blogs once a week


Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow Much Does the e-Book Cost?

    The Guide is 100% completely FREE. There is absolutely no tangible cost to you. I wrote the book out of a deep internal calling to share some of the life lessons I had learned. Also, I had been in the process of writing a much longer book for the past year and publishing the e-book was a way of publishing something NOW. In life sometimes we get stuck, and this book was my way of getting un-stuck and giving back to the world at large. With that being said, please look out for my 100+ page full-length book (coming soon).

  • q-iconWhat is the ‘Catch?’

    There is no “Catch” – I have been making videos on YouTube for years giving vital life-changing information away for Free. This is my gift to the world. I’ve learned that different people resonate with different media, and learn in different ways. Some will prefer videos, some audio, and some books. The e-book is a way to bridge the gap. Also, on YouTube, I don’t know who my viewers are, and there’s no way for us to keep in touch. Also, YouTube changed its subscription practice and most of my subs no longer receive notice that a new video is published. Since you enter your email address when accessing the book I am able to follow-up with you & send helpful words of encouragement and stay in much closer personal touch, and find more ways to be of service to you.

  • q-iconHow Do I Schedule a One-On-One Session With You?

    When you access the book you will be given the opportunity to submit a pre-screening application for a Free One-On-One Session with me. Space is limited, so I don’t get a chance to meet with everyone. When I review your application if I feel I am the right person to assist you, I will let you know the times available to schedule the call.  At the moment, I only schedule one person per day, so be sure to submit your screening app ASAP.

  • q-iconHow Do I Get the Guide?

    Getting the guide is quick and easy; simply enter your name and email address and you will be emailed a link to the guide instantaneously. You can access it from any computer or mobile device with no need for any special programs, simply click and read.