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You are a kind, caring and nurturing woman who is dating a sweet and amazing man who happens to be a little “hard on his luck.” He has AMAZING ideas and/or Tremendous TALENT, however, the pieces just never seem to fall into place for him. You’ve already begun to open your wallet for him as an investment in the family you two have or hope to have… however, in the back of your mind….a little voice… makes you wonder “Am I gambling on a good horse?” Will all of this work out? Will my investment today, lead to wealth tomorrow?” “When he finally gets on, will he appreciate me, and bring me to the top? Or up and leave me?”

This course was created to assist women with knowing which men have what it takes to make it, and which are wasting your time.

I am Tonya Tko, I am from the “ghetto” of the Bronx. Growing up I saw many people get stuck in “the hood” and I knew I did not want to be one of them. I started my first business when I was 13, and I’ve never had a full-time job. I create my own income through entrepreneurial endeavors. The largest business I’ve owned was TkoSkin – an organic all-natural handmade skincare company. I started the business by selling one jar of shea butter to 150 people, and using that seed money to amass hundreds of thousands of dollars over 5 years.

My passion has always been assisting people with self-love and I closed TkoSkin and travelled the world trying to write my book & start a show, but a year later, ended up living in my car in Hollywood California.

I rose out of that situation to publish a book (which is featured on Amazon and in luxury hotels across the US) as well as break my own money-making records.

I have always dated entrepreneurs, wealthy men and millionaires. I went to college with men who, although were young, possessed the signs of success. I’ve also been approached by very sweet, talented men who sound really good with their dollar and a dream, but at the end of the day… really only have a dollar and a dream. Despite their amazing talent and potential, they get stuck in this vicious impoverished cycle. I know the stark difference between the behaviors of men headed to the top, or down a dead-end.

I created this course to assist women in seeing the signs, habits, patterns and behaviors of men who are destined for success, or destined to be distressed.

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  1. CASANDRA (verified owner)

    The content and points made in the video were good. You did a good job breaking down what a woman should look for to better equip her in the dating world. I didn’t realize I was looking for these same traits and qualities in men while dating.

    The only constructive criticism I have is that the videos were similar to your YouTube videos, rather than a course structure. Overall, the message and points made were good!

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  2. Angela Graves (verified owner)

    Very thought provoking! Thank you!

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  3. Sakile Melchishua (verified owner)

    Review for Will My Man Be Wealthy? 10 Ways To Tell | Knockout Academy Course
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    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Thank you for this feedback. More to come for sure

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