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What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is merely a state of relaxed concentration. We often go in and out of hypnosis in everyday life – for example if you’ve ever been driving, and in a state of fully alert, relaxed concentration – missed your exit… Or if you’ve ever been brought to tears, fear or anger watching a movie. Consciously you know the movie is filled with actors playing roles, and the drama configured – but you allow yourself to be in a state of fully alert, relaxed concentration enough to enjoy the fiction, as if real.

Hypnotherapy is the combining of hypnosis and therapy to re-write the subconscious mind to enact positive, beneficial change in your life.

This hypnotherapeutic MP3 series combines the most powerful aspects of hypnotherapy with sound waves, beats, frequencies, and tones which prime your mind for effective change.

This MP3 combines binaural beats, isochronic tones, with the 5 Hertz theta brainwave entrainment. Narrated with my soothing melodic voice taking you on a guided meditation journey. I use hypnotherepeutic imagery to remove anything which isn’t relaxation, bringing you into a relaxed space.




  • 12 Minutes
  • Guided Meditation
  • Imagery
  • Isochronic tones
  • Binaural Beats
  • Theta Sound Waves
  • Brainwave Entrainment
  • Rain Sounds

Best Practices

  • Listen with headphones for maximum effect
  • Listen when alert yet relaxed
  • Listen to the Mp3 while seated and stationary (not operating heavy machinery)


  • Will this put me to sleep?
    This may make you sleepy and you may want to sleep. Theta brainwaves are relaxed, yet alert. When you’re first getting acclimated to the MP3 you may experience some deep, cleansing sleep. Allow it. The more you listen the more apt you will become at following the journey consciously.
  • Will this still help me if I am sleeping?
    The MP3 is therapeutic so help is being administered while you are listening, however for subconscious re-programming being relaxed and alert and following the guided meditation is essential. Once you cross over from Theta (relaxation) to Delta (sleeping) the spoken part of the MP3 slips away (because you’re unconscious), however the theta wave binaural beats will allow the feeling of being relaxed to cross over into your rest. Allowing powerful peaceful rest.
  • Will it still work for me if I don’t have headphones?
    Headphones assist with the brain entrainment – keeping your mind in theta state – however, the isochronic tones, and beautiful sounds with the guided imagery is beneficial. Remember, the closer we are to sleep we are in the theta frequency anyway – so listening and relaxing will put you in theta
  • Should I listen to this as I drive?
    Please be in a comfortable relaxed position where you are ONLY concentrating on the MP3. Please do not drive, or operate heavy machinery as you listen.


91 reviews for [FREE] RELAX – Hypnotherapeutic MP3

Based on 91 reviews
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  1. dlthomp622 (verified owner)

    I signed up for email and clicked the box, but never received it in the email.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Hey Daria, I combed through the subscriptions and found your name. You were sent the confirmation email on February 5th at 10:45 AM PST. It is still waiting for you to confirm the subscription to my mailing list. Please check all of your folders. Search for the words “Tonya Tko”

    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      I’m sorry to hear you say that you never received the Mp3, however rating it 1 star rather than writing to me to claim you didn’t receive it? Did you receive an order number? Did you check all folders (including spam)? Did you input the correct email address? There are so many questions to be addressed. Please ensure you follow the information on the download.

  2. lynettebaldwin214 (verified owner)

    I’m glad you reached out to me. I never received the download instructions.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      You get the instructions when you complete the purchase (with the free coupon) You get those immediately… If you didnt get the email to download then you most likely didn’t confirm your email address. Do a search in your folders for the name “Tonya Tko” – When you get your mp3, please come back and fix this 1 star rating. smh

  3. conniebradford853 (verified owner)

    Hello, It wouldn’t allow me to download the Mp3.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      What wouldn’t allow you? What tried to stop you?

  4. Judy (verified owner)

    I didn’t receive a download link.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Check all of your folders. You must confirm yourself on the mailing list to trigger the follow-up email

  5. tanyawwoods (verified owner)

    I was never able to download it. I sent my issues about the matter and never got any help.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      Tanya. Who did you send your “issues about the matter?” Because you didn’t send it to me. The instructions inside of the immediate download are clear. You must do your part to check your folders for the email. There is no conspiracy to keep you from your free download – it is triggered automatically when you confirm your email address. As long as you do your part, the system can do its.
      Please check all of your folders (including spam) and add my email address to your accepted list of addresses.

  6. scroxen (verified owner)

    I never received the download. Can you please arrange to resend it provide instructions on what I should do next?

    I’d love to rate the download after I’ve received it ?

    Thank You ??

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Tonya Tko (store manager)

      The mp3 is gifted to you for joining the mailing list. During the purchase there is a checkmark in a small box which says you agree to join the mailing list. If you uncheck this box, you will not be added to the mailing list and thus will not receive the MP3. You are free to make your purchase again, with the complimentary code. Be sure to leave the box checked, and check all your folders for the email with your download. I hope this helps

  7. Tanya Walker (verified owner)

    For some reason, I wasn’t able to download it; the only download I received was the instructions on downloading the mp3. Also, I purchased the Same mp3 three times; I’m at a loss at what to do.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  8. Tanya Walker (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I can’t leave a review because I’m having a problem with downloading the mp3, I’ve purchased the mp3 three times, I’m still having issues with the download.

    Was this review helpful to you?

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