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NYPD: Unleashing “Harmless” Gas into Subway This Summer as a “Test” Operation #Greywater


Operation #GREYWATER- NYPD will be releasing small amounts of a “Harmless” colorless gas July1 – 30 in a way to test how airborne pathogens could be launched into Subway.

This sounds like a JOKE.
I Assure you it is NOT:

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They are doing this during Prime Time, Rush Hours and in July during summer vacation when subway travel is at its Height!  — if this were really about a “Test”why not test this in the wee hours when ridership is at its minimum? Why subject New Yorkers to this unknown gas they CLAIM is “Safe?”

  1. Why Prime Time? + Rush Hours
  2. Why Summer Vacation?
  3. Why not tell us the name of this ‘gas?’ so we can do our own research on whether its really ‘harmless?’
  4. Why NYPD? the Same organization doing illegal search & seizures, and attacking unarmed youth?

How are we supposed to trust the NYPD with something so delicate & intricate as our biological safety? When did NYPD become so well parsed in biological warfare? Well enough to UNLEASH AN AIRBORNE “GAS” UNTO ITS INHABITANTS? This whole operation seems INSANE! Why would we trust them with something as important as our neurological well being? And if something goes wrong, and neurological disorders or birth defects are the result, how will anyone pinpoint it to these random, unknown gas tests? What will NYPD say then? #Oops? or will there be countless circles, denial & blame passing?

The worst part is: The people this will most likely affect are the poor & under-informed, as well as tourists who are unaware this is going on. I know that I will NOT be taking the subway July 1 – 30.  But what about those who don’t have an alternative?

On a last note… we’re not talking about the Dept. of Homeland Security performing these “Non-Toxic” gas tests… we’re talking about the New York Police Department. The same donut-eating baton beating boys in blue who broke out Abner Louima’s front teeth and punctured his colon as they raped him in a bathroom with their batons – ( ). As well as riddled innocent unarmed Amadou Diallo’s body with 40 gunshots ( ) and let us not forget Sean Bell ( ) and how they SLAUGHTERED him on his wedding night. As well as 68 yr old Kenneth Chamberlain, a retired Marine whose medic alert accidentally sounded as he slept in the middle of the night, the police broke down his door (after calling him a N*gger) then Shot him DEAD  ( — All of these crimes of which there were GUILTY and somehow ACQUITTED. Now all of a sudden, we’re supposed to trust them with unleashing some supposed non-toxic Gas into the subway air system? And having the scientific &  biological weapons’ expertise to pull this off?

I find this to be Absolutely Absurd!!

What do YOU think of Operation #GreyWater?





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