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Chinese Restaurants Cooking & Serving RATS?? [Pics]

rat collageWe’ve all heard the rumours over the years about Chinese Restaurants Serving up Cat, Dog even RAT.

Well I came across these images a few years ago, and have decided to share. When I was younger I used to eat at those cheap hole-in-the-wall chinese joints. But the bullet proof glass, oil & dust stained screens, poor customer service and the overall funky taste of the food made me STOP.

Last year I ordered some chinese food from reputable places recommended by Yelp. But when I realized that certain meats are a delicacy in China, I figured that being ‘reputable’ wasn’t enough. I decided to use my taste buds, and the ‘chicken’ flesh – just didn’t take like chicken – it was kind of rubbery and too moist/wet & chewy.

(There are some places you can *Upgrade* to White Meat & THAT tasted like Chicken – so ask your restaurant for such an upgrade

I didn’t get confirmation on whether the chicken was actually chicken, but the suspicion killed me. And the ravenousness I suffered from made me feel (though they advertised they didnt use MSG- that they REALLY DID – and if they were lying about the MSG – what ELSE were they lying about???)

And now for today’s Blog.

Below are images of Rat being prepared

So, if you have a weak stomach, or just had Chinese food for lunch, don’t click through to read the rest of this post.


I’ve heard in China, rats are a staple of many meals. Rats are plentiful, and easy to prepare. Their meat is described as tasting “Just like Chicken”

Let’s take a look at how the rats are prepared

First, they are torched to remove their hair.

Burning off rat hair

Burning off rat hair

They are then washed in a bucket, and their tails and heads are removed.

Rats Washed in Bucket

Rats Washed in Bucket

They are seasoned with herbs, onions, chilis and Chinese mustard.

Rat Meat Cut & Seasoned to Perfection!

Rat Meat Cut & Seasoned to Perfection!

Smaller rats are dissected, Larger left whole

Then the rat meat is seared in a skillet until cooked thoroughly.


Rat Meat Seared and /or Fried

The cooked flesh is then tossed with sweet and sour barbeque sauce.



Leg is smaller than Chicken Drumstick

 The end result is a firm, white meat with pockets of fat between the skin and the flesh. YUMMY! :-/

So if you get a leg that looks a little too small to be a chicken drumstick – Beware! But if its cut into smaller pieces – I guess there’s really nothing you can do about it since it “Taste Like Chicken” Hmmmm


  • Ronald A Mitchell


  • Torching living rats is cruel. If rats are full of diseases, why do humans choose to eat them?

  • Rhonda

    Now my husband and I joke around about the cat/dog thing when we eat Chinese and call the dishes Kong Pao Chao or Moo Goo Gai Lasa Apso…and try not to be too concerned. But now that I know it could possibly be General Tso’s Rat? I’m GOOD!

  • Rhoda Lane

    I will never eat Chinese food again.

  • christina cora

    I cant belive this i just had chines food in china town on myrtle av / troop 11206 i was wondering if you can check it out because my brother says there selling rat plesse im realy scared to eat there now!??????????????????????????????????????????
    & thanks

  • kim

    I hope they all go out of business

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  • Shannon Anderson

    Bring on the Chinese food!!! Peru they eat guinea pigs… Know what they r prob raised to be used. I don’t believe this. N if so oh well. But I do know some C.A n they wouldn’t even eat rat. how is that any different than pigs Feet etc?

  • yucnme

    How can people honestly say that rats host less diseases than swine? In 2007 a woman died in colorado from Ebola which was contracted from
    an a flee bite. A flee that hosted the virsus from an infected population of rats in the Grand Canyon.
    Also rats carry other diseases such as Ecoli. Why do you think the FDA has not added rodent to our
    list of approved foods. O and the last time i
    soulfood resturants werent saling chittelins attempting to pass them off for oatmeal or some other outrageus stuff. Consumers should be allotted the oppurtunity to make an informed
    dicsion. Not swindled into something they
    did not sign up for

  • marquita

    It seems like ive seen this b4

  • love to eat

    Iam sorry I will never eat chinese food again I understand this was how we survived way back when but I can’t put a rat in my mouth
    I know some people do but not for me.
    I also think that when someone orders something
    They should get what they ask for or atleast have
    A warning label that says warning if you ask for chicken you might get rat or we use more meat then chicken beef pork and shrimp and let people
    Decided for they self.

  • Deanna

    Chickens are NOT vegetarians.. Sorry to burst your bubble. Kinda.

  • Sharon

    There is NOTHING racist about this article. Several chinese restsurants have been shut down in my area for using meat like cat and or rat instead of chicken. It does happen.

  • Jessica R.
  • Michael Outlaw

    Also just to inform people the oriental restaurants here in america will never serve you any thing other that beef pork Chicken and fish and to break a old wives tale nothing taste like Chicken I have eaten everything that walks Crawls flies and swim both here in america and overseas and trust me nothing taste like chicken or your taste buds are dead and in her pictures the rats were boiled first then coated with barbecue sauce Vietnamese style you should try them the New Orleans way they split roast them over an open flame (yes americans) then coat with a honey hot sauce glaze gooood eating there

  • Michael Outlaw

    Only in america do we lie to ourselves and say what we won’t eat a lot of the diets from foreign countries date back to when starvation was rampant so those foods just got included with todays food source example
    Chitterlings use to be free at all of the slaughter houses across america and people from the south and southwest that could not afford steak or pork chops use to get by on what was then considered waste until the slaughter houses saw that what was being thrown away people were eating now chitterlings are a delicacy and to all of those people that say i would never eat chitterlings you are lying to yourself because every time you eat a bratwurst or Italian Sausages guess what you are eating chitterlings so eat on america just as long as we don’t know what we are eating it’s all good

  • CheckFirst

    Been using these guys for years now. Great place to research rumors (before spreading them). All they do is check them out, research the history and its source and report back. I have even called police departments to confirm their stories. Whether the story is true or not, it’s better to have the facts.

  • Concerned

    I understand that if rat is on the menu it should be stated. Give folks a choice. People are eating squirrels, rabbits, frogs, racoons, and poor defenseless cows. Why are rats such an abomination?

  • TonyaTKO

    I don’t have a problem with ppl eating rat if they CHOOSE to. But give customers the Choice – don’t have people ordering chicken, and circumvent their choice to eat chicken, by giving them Rat, simply because you don’t have a problem with rat. People who order rat should get rat (where that’s legal) and people who order chicken should get CHICKEN.

    It’s plain & simple
    If we choose not to eat rat, don’t covertly give us Rat.

    Chicken are vegetarians, rats are scavengers. There’s a huge difference in the quality of the meat. I don’t eat red meat or animals who eat other animals.

    This is my choice
    And until I can find a restaurant I feel comfortable eating at, I Choose not to eat there.


  • Cee Smith

    Regardless of whatever other ABOMINATIONS people eat…. Eating Rats (Whether Sewer or Not…. Accidently or On Purpose) is Nasty and an Abomination!!!

  • Star shinning

    Ms Tonys to do you even have at least one Chinese friend? If you do well your not friends anymore. This article is just racist! You are not a well rounded person because if you were you would respect for other people’s cultures. Do you know that in some cultures they don’t eat eggs and don’t see why would a person eat something that isn’t even born yet. Even if you don’t like something, you must still learn to understand why others like it. As for the Chinese restaraunts in the hood,, have you ever thought about why you received bad customer service ? It’s because of the bad attitude these hard working business owners had to put up with. Lack of understanding of each other’s cultures is why we have so many problems today. Also people like you who spread this culture’s facts and converts it into a racist fearful circus need to just find a hole and crawl in it!

  • Cee Smith

    Doesnt matter what other ABOMINATIONS people eat…… Eating a Rat… (Whether Sewer or Not…. Whether Knowingly or Not)… is Nasty!!!!!! PERIOD!!!

  • Twin.Edge

    Anyone can get rich with free meat, especially if it taste!!

  • The Truth

    This is racists and untrue. These pictures aren’t even from the US? Where is the proof that this is being done. The health inspectors would have a field day if this were true.

  • ugh no I love Chinese

    For those that are saying what’s the big deal it’s just a rat… well don’t lie and say it’s chicken when it’s not. if you prefer to eat rat, then eat it. But don’t try to trick somebody by telling them it’s one thing when its not. Would you pay for steak that cost $20 but served chicken that cost $5? No you wouldn’t.

  • J Rock

    I dont trust the chicken in those mom n pop chinese spots anyways….too much fat and I know alot of things taste like chicken….rabbit, squirrell, frog, and even turtle….I agree we eat some things more disgusting than rats such as swine, but does that make it ok that we may be fed rat and led to believe its chicken just because of the “white meat”

  • MIssphd2b

    I get the shrimp (fried rice) instead of chicken.

    • kim

      we have been lied to for too long, they have been feeding us any old thing, poisoning us.have the satisfaction to know if you don’t go in there then they will go out of business and the sooner the better

  • DetroitIAM

    Two days ago I had run in with some suspect Chinese food is a way to get the left overs tested

  • Jamie

    I don’t get what’s so bad or disgusting about this. We eat so many other animals? What’s wrong with rats? I could understand sewer rats, but I doubt that’s what actually happens in restaurant’s maybe homes. But who cares? There’s a vast population of rats some people eat snails others eat livers, hearts, eyes, tounge of cows, I think I’d rather eat a rat than a cow, I’d rather eat a rat than a pig too. You want to talk about disease infested animals pigs carry a whole lot more. Rats are actually generally cleaner than most animals. What’s gross is people’s reactions, you think eating farm animals are better? Ew

  • Janice Denham

    This is precisely why I only eat “Chinese” food that I have prepared myself. I once ate at a Chinese place in Tucson AZ and had a bad experience. Since then, I’ve only ever eaten what I prepare myself.

  • rhonda

    I will probaly never look at Chinese food the same ever, Maybe never eat it at all.

  • Vickasue

    Don’t forget about the restaurants in the mall to…smh

  • Ashley

    This is disgusting. I quit eating chinese for this reason also. That meat is NOT chicken, its much too rubbery and slick to be chicken. Disgusting.

    • Asian American

      I wish blogs like this did not exist to spread lies and ignorance. The reason your chicken is “rubbery” is because the restaurant you ate from over-tenderized with corn starch. This is done so the meat would not dry out while cooking. If you a skeptical about chinese take-out then you should feel the same about ALL ethnic food because every nation has something that we are unaccustomed to eating. Stop the Propaganda!!!!

  • Anon

    lol this is funny, just because it a “rat” its gross to eat but pigs, cows, frogs, fish, and any other “meat” is okay in america?
    there are much “dirtier” animals we already eat so stop with the ewww gross, if its cooked right there is no difference.

  • Lesa J.

    And in the end, the delicacy looks like a small piece of chicken. I almost swear I’ve witnessed some meat like this in local Chinese restaurants in my area.

  • Trust

    Oh dear, not sure what to make of this…gruesome pictures and sewer rats really?

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