Tonya TKO is a visionary. She is more than just a YouTube sensation and Founder/CEO of TkoSkin®, a successful skincare company. Tonya TKO is touted Media’s #1 “Big Sister” for men and women across the nation, a survivor of insurmountable adversities, a renowned love guru, an up-and-coming author, a fluent speaker of Spanish, a world traveler and a TOTAL KNOCK-OUT.

Tonya TKO started her inspiring journey in Tokyo, where she worked as a self-made graphic designer for a year. Upon her return to the United States, Tonya attended the New York School of Visual Arts and made her living by working freelance for many major companies. But her thirst for travel and creativity was still insatiable. Over the course of six years, Tonya had ventured to nearly 30 countries across the world, including Egypt, Greece, Italy and Thailand. She chronicled her adventures and returned to the U. S. with a renewed passion to share her wisdom with women everywhere. But she was struck by unbearable hardship. Tonya received news of a life-threatening ailment. She put on her armor and went through the unthinkable to survive. For the first time in her life, Tonya TKO was unable to travel.

It was then that Tonya TKO underwent her biggest transformation. Instead of letting turmoil get her down, she KNOCKED IT OUT. During her lengthy recovery, Tonya uploaded her first YouTube videos consisting of an inspiring account of her journey and pieces of wisdom shared with her audience. What she didn’t know then, at the pinnacle of her transformation, was that she would soon become a vlogging success, receive over 27 million views, tens of thousands of subscribers and the empowering chronicle of her journey would receive several awards.

Since 2007, Tonya’s triumph has unfolded into an enterprise. Her videos have encouraged men and women around the country to take care of their bodies and souls and enjoy life. She has moved thousands of men and women to exercise, to rebuild their self-esteem, to open their hearts to love and to live every day as if it’s their last. To Tonya, every challenge can be overcome, every goal can be achieved and every man, woman, boy and girl can be inspired! Her efforts to motivate men and women have expanded to drafting her upcoming book and founding TkoSkin®, a prosperous skincare company, which has received raving reviews.

Tonya received her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from Clark Atlanta University. She has since studied painting and color theory at the Atlanta College of Art, film editing at New York University and graphic design at the New York School of Visual Arts.  She currently resides in New York

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